Meet Antonio

Entrepreneur & Site Drainer™ Inventor

An Inventor’s Story

Antonio Perez came from a background understanding the needs of construction site managers and the problems they face with the lack of water drainage and commercial pumps that quickly clog.  In the classic manner of an entrepreneur, Antonio built Site Drainer™ –  a solution in his own garage that solved the problem and was successfully sold to his starting clientele.  The trouble was, with each unit he lost money, and one could not overcome the unsophisticated appearance of his early product, despite the fact that the pump worked well.

  • Drawings
  • Early Concepts
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Prototype
  • Client Meetings

Refining a Vision

Antonio came to Design at Work to make his early success into a credible and marketable product. Design at Work conceptualized an attractive product that met or exceeded his functional requirements, reduced the number of parts, and simplified the assembly. The unit was completely engineered, functioning prototypes were built and tested, and production molds were fabricated to put Site Drainer™ in the business of selling for a profit.

DaW developed prototypes for Site Drainer™  with performance and usability in mind.
Creating a product that had a sturdy base and supreme portability was key for Antonio’s
target markets which include both industrial and residential consumers.

Building for the Future

Design at Work is developing a second model pump to follow the success of the first unit of Site Drainer™, now in full production. The close working relationship between Antonio and Design at Work was invaluable to manage tight budgets, critical presentation, and creating a reliable and marketable product.

Antonio’s vision is for Site Drainer™ to become the
premier dewatering solution to what is currently lacking
in the electric submersible dewatering pump industry.